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Eradicate seed fraud with BioTags™

The Industry Challenge

Novel seed traits represent tremendous investments, and are the frequent target of malicious actors. Existing anti-counterfeit solutions can be evaded or copied within weeks, which leaves seed companies, farmers and the environment exposed to tremendous risk. BioTags can be incorporated at time of seed treatments to provide brands with secure on-product evidence regarding permitted use. On-product authentication secures brand reputations with farmers, and verifies the authenticity of seed products.

The Index Advantage

  • Detect product adulteration and counterfeit when fraudulent packaging or repurposed original packaging is used.
  • Discover unauthorized use of licensed traits in bag or in soil and establish evidence of IP infringement.
  • Safeguard supply chains and stop parallel imports with on-product country-of-origin, distributor and batch identification.
Agrochemicals in barrels in farm.

One Solution,
Complete Coverage.

BioTags are a natural yeast product that act as a microscopic barcode to authenticate and trace a range of raw and finished agricultural products, independent of the packaging. They can be easily applied to seed at time of seed treatment, and can withstand harsh environments along the supply chain.

Using common molecular techniques, BioTags can be identified on-site or in a lab at any point along the supply chain, with quantifiable detection well below parts-per-million. BioTags can even be detected in soil once a plant begins to germinate. An unlimited number of unique sequences can be created, with each logged in our customer portal, Trailhead™, and linked to brand owner and supply chain information. BioTags provide verifiable product differentiation for seed and agricultural products.

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