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Creating the world's most cared for food supply.

Creating the world's most cared for food supply.

Creating the world's most cared for food supply.


BioTags® are microscopic barcodes made from baker’s yeast that preserve the identity of products.

Index is defining a new category of traceability using baker’s yeast to create agricultural supply chains that are measurable, verifiable and sustainable.

  • Apply BioTags® directly to your products
  • Connect any product data to that BioTag
  • Detect at any point in the supply chain
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The right traceability technology can reduce the impact of recall by 50-95%.

Build brand loyalty through premium quality assurance

Identify the root cause of a product recall in hours vs months

Verify the ethical and sustainable sourcing of your products



Verify the ethical and sustainable sourcing of products and ingredients with on-product, source-of-origin identification.


Protect your brand by detecting fraudulent or counterfeit products and unauthorized sale in complex global supply chains.


of consumers abandoned
greenwashed brands

Naturally superior traceability

Cargo ship

On-product barcoding is truly tamper-proof  - discover natural traceability with BioTags™

Sustainability is top of mind for consumers, industry and governments alike. BioTags™ are a natural solution that utilize nature’s code to deliver unprecedented safety, scalability and ESG guarantees.

Commodity & premium products are at great risk of counterfeit - build trust along your supply chain with BioTags™

Traditional barcodes may work for consumer packaged goods, but they won’t provide reliable traceability for individual seeds, grains or ingredients - especially when products are mixed together. BioTags™ offer scalable, on-product traceability that can be relied on as products change hands throughout the supply chain.

Scientists looking at data
Scientist looking through microscope

Supply chains move quickly - discover fast and reliable identification with BioTags™

Products need to be verified quickly so they can continue moving along their supply chains. BioTags™ can verify a product’s authenticity in 15-60 minutes either in a lab or on-site, even when present in trace amounts.


Apply, Connect & Detect

LEARN MOREIllustration of a supply chain tracking system using biotags for product provenance and quality control from farms to consumer.

Partner with us in creating the world's most cared for food supply.

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Tracing BioTagged® grain through the supply chain.

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Verifying BioTagged®
ingredients in animal nutrition.

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Maintain food safety & quality assurance data for fresh produce.

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