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What we do

Use Cases


Agrochemicals include a range of crop protection products that are often managed through complex supply chains that make it difficult to detect fraudulent product. BioTags™ provide on-product authentication to create true product differentiation that enables reliable counterfeit and adulteration detection.

A seedling held by scientists with microsope.
Animal feed held in hands above field.

Animal Feed

Animal feed is a complex product with many ingredients that are difficult to trace from source through manufacturing to finished product. BioTags™ enable on-product traceability to ensure the inclusion of premium ingredients in your finished feed, and provide source-of-origin guarantees to mitigate risk.


Cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry and growing quickly, making cannabis products a prime target for fraud and counterfeiting. Protect your brand and consumers from fraudulent or adulterated products with source-of-origin traceability. BioTags™ provide on-product quality assurance to mitigate the risk of low quality counterfeit goods.

Medical cannabis container with flower bud.
Ethereum coin with chart background.


Existing high-volume infrastructure lacks the capability to preserve the identities of commodities, preventing opportunities to create value-add products and collect data for operational decisions. BioTags™ provide on-product authentication that securely links a product to its supply chain data, unlocking additional business and product value.

BioTags™ are FDA approved for use in food.


Control your supply chain and protect your brand with source-of-origin traceability. BioTags™ provide quality assurance to mitigate the risk of low-grade substitutions or dilutions, and maximize fuel revenues.

A pump jack in oil field.
A citrus tree full of oranges.


From lettuce to commodities and specialty products, global supply chains are constantly at risk of costly product recalls, adulteration, and ESG transgressions. BioTags™ provide on-product identification to ensure product quality and authenticity when commodities are co-mingled - without the packaging.

BioTags™ are FDA approved for use in food.

Pharmaceuticals &
Natural Health Products

Secure pharmaceutical supply chains are an absolute requirement for patient health and safety. Verifiable on-dosage authentication with BioTags™ protects brands and consumers from fraudulent and adulterated products, providing the quality assurance needed for confident operation in complex global supply chains.

A medical container of liquid-gel capsules.
A medical container of liquid-gel capsules.


Novel seed traits represent tremendous investments, and are the frequent target of malicious actors. BioTags™ can be incorporated at time of seed treatments to provide brands with secure on-product authentication, whether the seed is in a bag or in soil.

Testing & Certification

Testing & Certification is a critical component of supply chain safety and product identification, however the reliable verification of co-mingled commodity products can be challenging. BioTags™ are an on-product authentication tool that is inextricably linked to the product itself, allowing for unparalleled confidence during supply chain audits or product identification.

Woman checking contents of shipping package.
Folded organic clothing.


The ethical and sustainable production of products has become an expectation of consumers and businesses alike, yet traditional traceability technologies can’t reliably indicate a product’s source-of-origin. BioTags™ are a durable, on-product verification solution that can identify any fibre, dye or product at any point in its supply chain.

Wine & Spirits

Premium wine, beer, and spirits are frequent targets of fraud and counterfeiting. Safeguard your brand against imposters with a natural microscopic fingerprint that is safe for consumption and undetectable to human senses.

BioTags™ are FDA approved for use in food.

A glass of white wine.