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Transforming Invisible Risks into Actionable Intelligence.

Exclusively enabled by BioTags® - microscopic barcodes made from baker’s yeast - Index Insights is a turnkey investigational tool for unprecedented traceability, compliance, and quality—providing immediate ROI for your food processing operations and supply chains.

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A Turnkey Solution: Molecular-level Intelligence Illuminating Invisible Food System Risks

Index Insights includes investigative application of BioTags® over short production runs to advance process control, sanitation control, environmental monitoring and traceability audits. See below to learn about our 3-step process and how BioTags can be the core of continuous monitoring initiatives:


A Solution Serving Low Water Activity Food Production

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Unprecedented Insights

Index Insights is a paradigm shift for enhancing operational intelligence in food production. The strategic application of BioTags® as a proxy indicator provides actionable data on process control, traceability, sanitation control, and environmental monitoring. By offering molecular data-driven insights into manufacturing and supply chains, it supports robust traceability and compliance, ensuring product safety and operational efficiency. Index Insights marks a significant leap forward in achieving molecular-level transparency and informed decision-making in food production processes.

Sanitation Control

Index Insights leverages BioTags™ to streamline sanitation control by providing a single solution for broad risk. Our approach contributes to the reduction of microbial contamination while enabling you the latitude to stress test your sanitation protocols as often as you’d like, without getting in the way of your operations.

  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Clean out of Place (COP)
  • Open Plant Cleaning (OPC)
  • Clean Breaks and Flush Outs

Process Control

With process control, Index Insights leverages BioTags™ to provide unparalleled visibility into ingredient and additive application, mixing, flow through rates and even the identification of cross-contamination. By embedding BioTags into your production, you can:

  • Validate and optimize ingredient and additive applications.
  • Identify cross contamination between batches and ingredients.
  • Measure flow through rates in continuous flow systems.
  • Identify and characterize high risk aggregation points.

Environmental Monitoring

For environmental monitoring, Index Insights combines BioTags™ with traditional solutions in your food production facilities. By linking traditional quality assurance efforts to the BioTag, we generate a focused point of reference for invisible risk. This strategy enables economical continuous monitoring with a singular solution that doesn’t get in the way of your, or your customer’s operations.

  • Atmospheric / Air
  • Water
  • Surface
  • Chemical
  • Allergen

Traceability Audits

Index Insights enhances traceability audits by employing BioTags™ to define batches in continuous flow manufacturing accurately, audit proof of claims, and ensure regulatory and certification compliance, including FSMA and MSC. This capability provides a solid foundation for auditing processes, offering a transparent, data-driven basis for verifying product integrity and compliance, thus reinforcing trust across the supply chain.

Process Control
Traceability Audits
Sanitation Control
Environmental Monitoring

Linking data directly to products.

Index Insights, enabled by BioTags™, creates a new category of molecular intelligence, controlled adaptability, and seamless integration into food production. Offering precision and compliance, it serves the dry processed food industry—spanning flours to pet foods—with unparalleled operational insight and food safety. Molecular intelligence delivers data that is aligned with the microscopic nature of these risks. Controlled adaptability means BioTags™ can address processing and compliance needs without affecting product integrity. Their seamless integration guarantees effortless incorporation into existing operations, streamlining efficiency across all product lines.

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BioTags™ offer a detailed layer of visibility throughout the food production process. They enable quantifiable tracking of ingredients from raw input to finished goods, allowing for clear verification of doses and proof-of-ownership, even through the complexities of commingling and transformation.


BioTags™ can be tailored to match processing conditions, and do not alter the final product's integrity. Applied in trace amounts - e.g., ppm - and detectable with high sensitivity, these food-grade tracers do not have genes modified, and are designed to be destroyed during standard kill-steps such as cleaning and cooking. BioTags™ provide critical data without impacting daily operations or product quality.


Whether applied in wet or dry form, BioTags™ are crafted for easy incorporation into existing production lines. This ensures that operations remain uninterrupted, maintaining consistent quality across all products.


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