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Testing & Certification

Testing & Certification

Provide premium quality assurance guarantees with BioTags™

The Industry Challenge

Global supply chains are increasingly complex, and rely on testing companies and certification bodies to verify the quality and authenticity of a shipment. This often requires spot checks of product that has been co-mingled from various sources, with labels remaining the predominant method to identify the source-of-origin. The story of an individual product or ingredient quickly becomes diluted and distorted as batches of commodities are mixed for shipment and true product provenance is lost. A reliable, on-product verification solution is needed to preserve the identity of each co-mingled product and enable premium testing and certification guarantees. BioTags unlock true product differentiation that verifies source-of-origin as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and other product guarantees, providing a new, premium category for testing & certification companies.

The Index Advantage

  • Supply chain audits: Reliably detect product adulteration and counterfeit at any point in the supply chain.
  • Certification: Verify product certifications and ESG claims to guarantee regulatory compliance and product quality.
  • Product Authentication: Validate source-of-origin with reliable batch, producer and distributor identification.

One Solution,
Complete Coverage.

BioTags are a natural yeast product that act as a microscopic barcode to authenticate and trace a range of individual ingredients, crops and finished products. They are mixed with or sprayed onto a product, and can withstand routine manufacturing processes and harsh environments along supply chains. BioTags are colourless and odourless, applied in trace amounts and undetectable to the naked eye. Using common molecular techniques, BioTags can be identified at any point during a product’s journey using handheld methods on-site, or lab-based techniques through Index or a trusted third party. Unique sequences are stored in the Trailhead™ Digital Registry to provide a secure link between a physical product and its digital supply chain.

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