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Pharmaceuticals &
Natural Health Products

Commit to superior quality control and anti-counterfeiting through on-dosage serialization with BioTags™

The Industry Challenge

Secure supply chains are a requirement for patient health and safety, along with verifiable product authenticity in both the pharmaceutical and natural health product sectors. Traditional traceability technologies rely on packaging and leave both brands and consumers vulnerable to fraudulent and adulterated products. On-dosage authentication allows for the detection of adulterated or counterfeit formulations, and provides the quality assurance needed for confident operation in complex global supply chains. BioTags provide a pharmacologically inert verification solution that confirms source-of-origin, manufacturer and distributor identification to safeguard supply chains against unsafe product and grey market sales.

The Index Advantage

  • Covertly serialize product lines to ensure product verification with a tasteless, odourless and colourless solution.
  • Protect patient safety with on-dosage authentication that highlights counterfeit products.
  • Safeguard your brand against grey market sales.

One Solution,
Complete Coverage.

BioTags are an inactive yeast product that acts as a microscopic barcode to authenticate and trace individual ingredients and finished products. Integrating BioTags into existing manufacturing workflows is straightforward, as they can be mixed with active ingredients as an excipient or sprayed onto a finished product with the tablet coating. BioTags are applied in trace amounts and have no flavour, odour or colour, making them undetectable to the naked eye. Using common molecular techniques, BioTags can be identified on-site or in a lab at any point along the supply chain. Unique sequences are stored in the Trailhead™ Digital Registry, providing a secure link between a physical tablet and its digital supply chain.

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