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Protect your proprietary genetics and brand integrity through counterfeit detection with BioTags™

The Industry Challenge

Cannabis is a rapidly growing, multi-billion-dollar industry that is a prime target for fraud and counterfeit. Traditional traceability technologies rely on packaging, and do not provide a reliable link to uniquely identify individual cannabis plants, oils, edibles and vaping liquids. Businesses that invest in cultivating premium products must safeguard their supply chain and customers through the premium quality control and assurance provided by on-product authentication. BioTags provide a covert identification solution that confirms source-of-origin, manufacturer and distributor identification to protect against counterfeit product and stolen genetics, independent of the packaging.

The Index Advantage

  • Protect your brand with a natural, microscopic on-product authentication technology.
  • Covertly label product lines to ensure product verification with a tasteless, odourless and colourless solution.
  • Secure your supply chain through product differentiation and grey market controls.

One Solution,
Complete Coverage.

BioTags are a natural yeast product that act as a microscopic barcode to authenticate and trace individual ingredients and finished products. They are mixed with or sprayed onto a product or crop, and application can be easily integrated into existing grower, manufacturing and production workflows. BioTags are applied in trace amounts and have no flavour, odour or colour, making them undetectable to the naked eye. Using common molecular techniques, BioTags can be identified on-site or in a lab at any point along the supply chain. Unique sequences are stored in the Trailhead™ Digital Registry, providing a secure link between a physical product and its digital supply chain.

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